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People Votes About

Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill — In Committee — Allow refusal on religious grounds

27 March, 2013


This bill seeks to amend the Marriage Act 1955 to ensure that its provisions are not applied in a discriminatory manner. The bill aims to ensure that all people, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity will have the opportunity to marry if they so choose.

The question was put that the following amendment in the name of Dr Paul Hutchison to clause 5A be agreed to:

Mover of amendment

Photo of Paul Hutchison
Paul Hutchison
National Party, Hunua

Votes Not passed by a large majority

Amendments not agreed to.

Personal Vote

This was a personal vote (or conscience vote) which meant MPs could decide how to vote on their own, rather than having to follow the party position. Learn more on the official Parliament website.

Unusual Hansard Data

Ian McKelvie appears to be recorded in the Hansard as voting both for and against. This sometimes happens when a Member has a proxy arranged to vote on their behalf but then also attends the vote themselves anyway. In most cases this is noticed soon after and the voting record adjusted. You may want to check the original Hansard sources for this vote.

18 Voted For

84 Voted Against

1 Abstained

19 Absent

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