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End of Life Choice Bill — In Committee — Clause 1 — Rename Bill

23 October, 2019


This Supplementary Order Paper amends the End of Life Choice Bill to provide a new name for the Bill that more accurately reflects the practices that the legal provisions would establish. This will more effectively allow the public to understand what practices are made legal by the passing of the Bill. The Bill allows both euthanasia (an act where a doctor causes the death of a person by administering a lethal dose of medication) and assisted suicide (an act where a medical professional provides a prescription to a person whereby they may procure and take the lethal dose of drugs themselves with the purpose of ending their own life).

The question was put that the amendment set out on Supplementary Order Paper 396 in the name of the Hon Tim Macindoe to clause 1 be agreed to.

Mover of amendment

Photo of Tim Macindoe
Tim Macindoe
National Party, Hamilton West

Votes Not passed by a modest majority

Amendment not agreed to.

Personal Vote

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50 Voted For

70 Voted Against

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