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Abortion Legislation Bill — In Committee — Part 1 — Conscientious objection

10 March, 2020


This Supplementary Order Paper (SOP) amends clause 7 of the Abortion Legislation Bill. Currently, new section 19(2) requires providers to inform patients of a conscientious objection. This SOP introduces greater clarity to the framework for conscientious objection by requiring entities (such as a medical practice) that would ordinarily be expected to provide contraception, sterilisation, and abortion services to take steps to notify patients and potential patients of a conscientious objection prior to the patient seeking these services. This SOP also provides that a person may not be charged a consultation fee if during the consultation they are informed of a conscientious objection to providing the type of services they are seeking.

The question was put that the amendment set out on Supplementary Order Paper 473 in the name of Dr Deborah Russell to clause 7 be agreed to.

Mover of amendment

Photo of Deborah Russell
Deborah Russell
Labour Party, New Lynn

Votes Not passed by a large majority

Amendment not agreed to.

Personal Vote

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19 Voted For

99 Voted Against

2 Absent

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