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Abortion Legislation Bill — In Committee — Part 1 — Annual reporting requirements

10 March, 2020


This Supplementary Order Paper (SOP) amends clause 7 of the Abortion Legislation Bill by amending new sections 20D and 20E and amending new Schedule 2 in Schedule 1 to require the Director-General of Health to report annually on abortion statistics and expand the information recorded about those who receive abortions. The Bill currently only requires the information in new Schedule 2 to be collected for the first 18 months after coming into force; this SOP would require the information to be collected and reported on an ongoing basis. The Abortion Supervisory Committee is currently required to report annually, and this SOP seeks to transfer this same requirement to the Director-General of Health following the disestablishment of that committee.

The question was put that the amendments set out on Supplementary Order Paper 480 in the name of Simeon Brown to clause 7 be agreed to.

Mover of amendment

Photo of Simeon Brown
Simeon Brown
National Party, Pakuranga

Votes Not passed by a large majority

Amendments not agreed to.

Personal Vote

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37 Voted For

82 Voted Against

1 Absent

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